Video Editing

We have over a decade of experience crafting all kinds of videos using existing footage or footage we have filmed for online, broadcast or direct marketing delivery for classical musicians and organisations.
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Video Editing for Classical Music

From either newly filmed footage or existing footage, many kinds of videos can be created to achieve a wide range of end goals. Here are some examples of the kind of videos we put together.

Concert Clips

If you’ve had a concert filmed, or you have access to footage from a filmed performance, we can create short clips from any concert footage, perfect for both online and industry delivery.

Performance Films

An essential part of the modern artist’s online offering is live performance video. We can create multi-cam full-length concert films from a filmed performance.

Social Media Clips

Get more from your footage by making short clips for social media. Use it to tease larger projects or simply to engage with your audience.


Video is the most effective tool for promoting any event, product, project or organisation. We can take any footage and craft videos to tell your story, spread the word and engage audiences.

Artist Profile Films

Artist profile films showcase live performances, combining them with in-depth interviews to create a portrait of an artist. We can combine a newly shot interview with existing and/or new performance footage.

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Get in touch if you’re interested in working together to make videos. Tell us what you have in mind we’ll get back to you to discuss further.